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Friday, May 23rd, 2003

Subject:Gratuitous Icon Post
Time:10:31 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
This one's been a while in the making - I had to make sure business was indeed good, after all. And then I had to find a picture that would work.
Not SARS, I don't think, but a relation.
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Saturday, April 19th, 2003

Time:9:38 pm.
Mood:stupid, stupid, stupid....
creationsshadow made a good point the other day. Penicillin kills bacteria; could well be considered a plague on bacteria, for that reason; so why the hell didn't I take credit? Would've saved me a lot of bother, that.
I'll be kicking myself for that one for quite some time now...
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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003

Time:10:17 pm.
Mood: listless.
A friend of an associate - some girl in... Canada, was it? - is convinced she will have contracted SARS by the end of this week. (Or, at least, that's what she was saying Monday.) Said associate is trying to convince me to avoid dropping in on her. This has led to a rather amusing conversation.
She actually didn't seem very pleased with the idea of not having SARS (still not sure I follow the "hearty LJ thumbs down" concept). I believe we've struck an agreement, however; if I happen to go by her vicinity, I send something rather more easily curable her way.
The things you do for friends of associates...
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Sunday, March 30th, 2003

Time:2:10 pm.
Another of those, what do you call them, gratuitous icon posts. Stumbled across the picture quite by accident, and I feel it's rather descriptive of my present situation.
Keith Moon of the Who, if memory serves. Interesting band, that one.
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Sunday, February 9th, 2003

Subject:What do they call them? Gratiuitous Icon Posts?
Time:4:17 pm.
At least, I think it's something like that...
Well, here's one for you now.

Will have to do something about this interests-list thing.
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Saturday, February 8th, 2003

Subject:This is something of a disappointment, actually.
Time:10:22 pm.
Tell me again why I thought dropping back by Africa after the Ohio thing was a good idea?
Oh, right. The whole HIV thing. Well, there's hardly enough people left to work with at this point. Besides, I really ought to zjdghskhrtaiehjsdgbiaeur5y98a347023a94euwgfajkdahjvnbkjdfghfghrhtoihgoDZFUYHS#

(edit: Oh, dear. I seem to have given the computer a virus. Note to self: Try finding Internet cafes for future updates. That'll be an interesting trick in Botswana, I know, but still worth a shot.)
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Subject:this is a test. a what? a test.
Time:2:13 pm.
Oh. A test.
No emergency broadcast systems here, I'm afraid. Just tests.
And if you dare to call them prototype vaccines I will find you and deal with you myself.
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LiveJournal for Pestilence.

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You're looking at the latest 7 entries.